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Get Stretched, Feel Stronger, More Healthy, & Less Pain.
By appointment only.  Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing, and
refrain from eating 1 hour prior to your appointment.

General flexibility training: Melt Like Butter Program
For more sports-minded folks: TORQ 4 Sports

Pre-natal care: Melt Your Heart Program
And Post-Partum Recovery

Yoga Instruction: Melt Your Bones Program

Melt Like Butter Program
Description: Our signature Flexibility Training, designed to help improve your body's range of motion, and decrease pain. Counteracts effects of too much sitting, kyphosis, stressful living, and gravity.
Benefits Include:
  Targets kyphotic-related issues:
  • Neck & shoulder ache
  • Stooped, sore, rounded back, aka “Dowager’s Hump”
  • Stiff joints
  • Tight hips & hamstrings
  Feel younger, taller, stronger, and less pain.
  Relieves muscle & joint ache, restores height, and boosts your energy level.
  Improves body-wide freedom of movement, to increase your potential.
  Improved circulation eliminates toxins and cellular stagnancy.
  Provides rejuvenation and relaxation to counter changes in life/work.
  Decreases stress and muscular tension build-up.

Melt Your Heart Program
Aim: Being a mother occurs not just because of pregnancy and childbirth: women's bodies are in a constant state of preparation and flux. That's why our program helps improve your body and health, whatever stage you're in. Whether you're trying to conceive, are currently pregnant, just gave birth, or are preparing for another child, we're here to make sure your body's energized and aligned to get you through it all. After all, being a mom's a life-time job.
Benefits Includes:
  Targets general pregnancy-related issues:
  • Neck & shoulder ache.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Tiredness.
  Relieves heaviness, restores strength to legs & feet.
  Revives your strength because of muscular tension release.
  Focuses on insomnia pressure points for improved night’s rest.
  Opportunity to inhabit your body comfortably & feel centered.
  Boosts circulation to help your heart, and aid nutrient delivery to baby.
  Improved circulation eliminates toxins.
  Decreases swelling (i.e., ankle/wrist edema).
  Stabilizes hormonal fluctuations vis a vis physical changes.
  Provides necessary rejuvenation and relaxation.
  Cumulative effects of bodywork correct pelvic position for childbirth.
  Better sleep quality – longer hours & increased ability to sleep after interruption.

Post-Partum Recovery
Aim: Whether your birth was natural or C-section, you probably want your body back. Our therapeutic treatment addresses residual childbirth pain and gets you back in sync. Increases your vitality and balances your body against strain of breast-feeding, carrying infant, & sleepless nights. Deep stomach work helps connective tissue heal for flatter tummy, and efficient organ function. All good things especially if you're looking to have more kids.
Benefits Include:
  Cumulative effects correct postural alignment after childbirth.
  Better sleep quality – longer hours & increased ability to sleep after interruption.
  Postural correction from breast-feeding and holding of baby.
  Provides much-needed rejuvenation and relaxation.
  Decreases stress and muscular tension build-up.

Melt Your Bones (coming August 2010)
Aim: No matter what level of flexibility you're at, our 1-on-1 yoga classes take you to your limit with gentle persuasion. You will receive individualized therapeutic attention, particularly for those who are working through prior injuries, stiffness, or surgery.
Benefits Include:
  Emphasis on proper breathing technique to raise energy and promote circulation.
  Ancient technology for dealing with modern life's stress.
  Personalized attention helps your yoga practice accelerate.


  Gift Vouchers are available. Call (323) 868-0082 or email to inquire.



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